PowerShell script to setup a complete web server on Windows Server 2012 R2

In this PowerShell script we will setup a complete web server on Windows Server 2012 R2. We will install and configure IIS, FTP, PHP, MySQL and finally create a website as well.

In this script we will cover lots of interesting aspects such as installing Windows features, downloading files, creating files and directories, creating users and groups, modifying NTFS permissions, searching and replacing data in files, configuring the firewall, modifying the registry, and more.

Get the most current version of this script at GitHub.


  • hi my friend

    your script are excellent , can you write it for web mail , such as pop3 , smtp and etcetera

    thanks a lot

  • Hamid Aiche

    Really Excellent, by far the more complete web deployment script i have seen. Thanks a lot for sharing this great job

  • i tried to use this on 2016 server core. didnt seam to work. could you write a 2016 script please?

    • Hi Marc,

      I did not yet test this script on Server 2016. But I can imagine there are some changes. I would say to run the script in chunks and then see which specific sections don’t work. Based on the errors you can update the script.

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